Fibre Broadband and Reticulated Gas

Every section includes access to fibre broadband services over Enable's new network.

Enjoy the benefit of gas in your new home with our special packages.

Fibre Broadband

Every section includes access to fibre broadband services over Enable’s new network.

Once you move into your new home, you can choose from a range of retail service providers including 2degrees, who have broadband & phone services starting at just $75/m, about the same monthly price as current copper broadband services.

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Reticulated Gas at Faringdon

Enjoy the benefits of gas in your new home.*


Why gas is good.

Piped gas arrives at your home through pipes in the ground. It’s amongst the most efficient, cost effective and convenient energy sources. 

Toasty warm rooms

Clean, easy, convenient and flexible. Modern central heating solutions deliver comfort all through the house, and if you’re already using gas for hot water or cooking it’s a no-brainer.

Endless hot water

When you use a continuous flow water heating system you only heat the water you need and you’ll never run out of water. You’ll also save space by not needing a hot water cylinder.

Fast and accurate cooking

There’s a reason professional kitchens cook with gas – it’s fast, responsive and controllable.

Choosing piped gas over bottles

When you have LPG piped into your house. You don’t have to order LPG bottle refills. You don’t have to worry about running out of gas.

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* New home located in Faringdon and Faringdon South only (expect The Borough, Greens, Courts, Link and Chilton Quarter).

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