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At midday on the 14th of June, you will have the opportunity to reserve a section online for a $1,000 pre-deposit. To find out more on about these section and how this process will work, click the link below…

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In order to view full section details and reserve a section on June 14th, you will need to create a login. You can watch a video on how to create a login here

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of FAQ’s and their answers. To learn more about the sections and the process, please have a look at these below. 

Reserve your section in 4 easy steps on the 14th of June!

1. Select

Log in and choose your Westwood section via the stage map.

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2. Lock

Lock in your section choice and pay $1,000 pre-deposit.
You have 3 working days to sign the Sales and Purchase agreement.

Illustration Lock

3. Check

Now you have 15 working days to complete your due diligence.
Talk to your lawyer about the property you’re buying and check you are clear on finance, LIM and title.

Illustration Check

4. Secure

Once you’re through your 15 working days due diligence, you’ll pay the full deposit. This is 10% of the purchase price (minus the $1,000 pre-deposit). Once this is paid, the section is yours!

Illustration Secure

How to reserve a section on June 14th


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