You'd west be ready!

Get yourself prepared for the online release of Westwood sections.


Engage with a solicitor

You will need to engage a solicitor to act on your behalf when purchasing your section. This is required by law, and they are there to look after your best interest. We recommend you have them look over the Terms & Conditions of the online process once we have sent them out. If you require a solicitor, please get in touch with Adam, and he can recommend some for you.


Reservation Fee

When reserving a section online, you will be required to pay a $1,000 non-refundable reservation fee. This will be paid at the time of securing a section and will be payable by Visa debit or credit card. This $1,000 will later be deducted from your overall 10% deposit. 


Confirm your deposit

You will be required to provide a 10% deposit for your section upon confirmation of your Sales & Purchase Agreement. This will take place roughly 2-3 weeks after you reserve the section online. You will be able to calculate what this will be once we have sent you the price list ahead of the release. It will also be stated in the Sales & Purchase Agreement which will be sent once the section has been secured.


Check your financial status

Although you are not required to have pre-approval or finance confirmed, it's a good idea to check with a broker and/or your bank to ensure you are in a good financial position. The reservation fee and deposit are non-refundable, and settlement is due on the issue of the title. Checking your status before securing the section online will give you peace of mind knowing your dream house is on the horizon. If you require a broker, please let Adam know, and he can recommend some for you.


Internet connection & computer speed

As the release is going to be online, we don't want you to miss out due to a slow connection or computer. If you do have slower speeds, maybe chat with friends or family to see if they have better speeds at their house. We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer for the online purchase process on the day of the sections released - it is much easier and more user friendly.


Talk to a builder

Our Showhome Village on Lanner Drive in Faringdon is open 12 pm – 4 pm every Saturday & Sunday and you can chat with a wide range of builders. Looking into the size, style and type of house you would like to build will play a big part in choosing your dream section.