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For a good education Faringdon is a great place to live. Here there are education options for all ages, with two preschools and a primary school in our suburb. With a modern secondary school, Rolleston College, just down the road, our place is the smart choice for families.

Lemonwood Grove

Primary school

Lemonwood Grove, Rolleston’s most modern primary school is located in Stage 17 of Faringdon, near the Madisons Rd exit. Lemonwood Grove has ‘learning landscapes’ for 750 students including administration, hall, and playground spaces.

At Lemonwood, students are given a framework to control what, when, where and how they learn. The learning spaces are open and dynamic, and the curriculum aims to provide all learners with the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

Parents are involved and included in partnerships which focus on the learning of their children. The school has worked hard to develop and achieve an inclusive culture.

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One of New Zealand’s most reputable preschool providers, incorporating the latest advancements in child learning, BestStart centres provide a home-like environment for babies, and separate play areas for different age groups, as well as improved acoustics, light, layout and flow.

BestStart Faringdon is a place to learn, laugh, live and grow, and is populated with wonderful teachers with a passion for Early Childhood Education. Now with 2 centres BestStart Faringdon and BestStart Faringdon East.

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Three Trees Learning Centre


Three Trees Learning Centre is a space that embraces the learning power of the great outdoors! Their uniquely holistic approach to early childhood education is built on a philosophy of child-centred learning, and that 'with nature we live, through nature we learn.'

Three Trees Learning Centre offers children frequent opportunities for outdoor play in a setting that combines state of the art design with a natural, woodlands-inspired environment.

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Rolleston College

Secondary School

Rolleston College is a progressive secondary school. Principal Steve Saville says Selwyn's first secondary school is 'learner centred', adopting collaborative teaching styles and spaces popular with new schools such as Lemonwood Grove.

They aim to provide a learning environment that nurtures and challenges, supports and extends their learners. They focus on developing the individual learner’s awareness of self, community and future. These qualities are based in international research highlighting the key skills that are most valued in the workplace as well as attitudes required to flourish as an individual in the modern world.

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Rolleston really does have education covered from preschool right through to pre uni, and Faringdon is the smart choice if you want your kids to be in the learning zone!

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