Shopping and eating

In the best taste

While a quick drive down the road delivers all the excitement and energy of a new Christchurch there are great options closer to home too. South Point sits in the heart of Faringdon, the dining and shopping destination offering boutique retail discoveries and delectable cuisine choices for resident and visitor alike.

A meeting place.
An eating place.

It’s 5.30pm. You’ve had a big day. No-one feels like cooking… all you want is for someone to ask you, “What do you feel like for dinner tonight? Shall we pop down to The Pedal Pusher for a cold drink and a tasty bite or do you feel like a curry?”

A new $5.2 million retail, office and food complex is on our doorstep. The South Point complex at 51-57 Faringdon Blvd is in the centre of our subdivision, and is the savoury saviour for all those looking for somewhere to meet, eat, shop and hang out.

Developer Jo Southen joined forces with her sisters, Tania Croucher and Bridget Foster to make South Point a reality. Two of them are from Rolleston and felt it was time to bring something a little “boutique” to our town.

They picked Faringdon for their venture and we say “cheers” to its success!