The Southern Motorway

Driving forward

Christchurch has never been closer. With the Rolleston area one of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand over the last decade there was an obvious need to reduce congestion during peak travel times. The new Southern Motorway project was given the green light. Now this future-forward planning has ensured a faster, more efficient, and ultimately far easier connection to the Garden City for Faringdon residents.

The Christchurch Southern Motorway has improved travel times and increased reliability for traffic travelling from Rolleston to Lyttelton Port, and to Christchurch Central City. Since the new section of motorway connecting Hornby and Weedons was opened, Rolleston residents have reported a reduction in travel time of up to 20 minutes each way. This is great news for anyone living at Faringdon. 

One resident, according to an article in the Christchurch Press, went as far as saying,“There is no travel time really, out of the big city.”

NZTA also believes the new motorway infrastructure makes the road between Rolleston and Christchurch far safer to travel on than ever before, reporting a reduction in incidents of 40%. 

You can learn more at the NZTA official website

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