Meet Elyse and Jonathan

Meet first home buyers Jonathan and Elyse

“Instead of paying rent, we realised we could use Kiwisaver and build a new house.”

Both born and raised in Christchurch, Jonathan and Elyse first met in 2015. Planning to get married, they wanted to find their own place, and were looking for rental accommodation to suit. Only one glitch, Jonathan’s an avid boatie and finding a place with storage was making the budgeting problematic.

Then they discovered they could build a new home in Faringdon. It turned out that with their Kiwisaver home start grant, and the money they had planned to spend on rent, they could actually afford to build their first home together. Buying a section and managing to build it under the first home buyers lending cap.

“I really wanted to live on the south side of Christchurch,” Jonathan tells us “The north always bottlenecks during rush hour. You don’t get that problem with the new Southern motorway connection.”

“Plus, Rolleston has everything we need right here,” Elyse adds, “We looked at other developments, but they didn’t have the green spaces or wide roads, and we love having The Pedal Pusher restaurant & bar just down the road.”

“When we took into account everything you get as a resident, Faringdon compared favourably price-wise,” says Jonathan. “Looking long term - with resale in mind - the fact that we have a primary school, several preschools - it’s going to appeal to a lot of people. From a value point of view - it’s really good.”

Why buy second-hand when you can build the home you want in Christchurch's most sought-after residential development? If you are eligible for a KiwiSaver HomeStart grant, you might be surprised by how far your savings can go to get you into a new home.

We have a number of House & Land and Turn-key new builds suitable for First Home buyers available that require a smaller deposit.
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